"Meet The Founder Of Champ Boxers" An Interview By WeBuyBlack

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Owner of CHAMP Boxers, Jawwaad Saleem

Advertising the fit, comfort and style of premier boxers has become a highlight with major celebrities such as Michael Jordan, Kevin Hart and Ronald Epps. But what about the everyday male who enjoys rocking fashionable boxers? Now enter the Champ Boxers brand to bridge the gap and represent the everyday Black man from all walks of life.

East Point, GA native and serial entrepreneur Jawwaad Saleem is the man behind the Black-owned boxer line, Champ Boxers. Inspired by his father who is part owner of the Black-owned company, True laundry detergent, Saleem sought out to provide the everyday Black male with day to day necessities to add confidence to their wardrobe and lifestyle.

We really focus on providing high-quality, alongside great customer service.

Champ Boxers Owner, Jawwaad Saleem

Champ Boxers is a brand dedicated to elevating the experience of how well boxer briefs fit. Saleem describes his brand as, “premium, comfortable, and tasteful.” Undergarments are daily essentials and having the best premium boxers to compliment your everyday movement while providing security seems like a no brainer. We were able to catch up with Jawwaad Saleem and ask him a few questions about his new brand:

Q & A with CHAMP Boxers

Tell us about how Champ Boxers got started and who inspired you to develop this brand?

Honestly, watching my dad’s company grow and working for him kind of inspired me to get started. I wanted to create something and let others know that being an entrepreneur is possible and lucrative. CHAMP boxers is a brand that we felt we had access to and a need for in the African American community. Also, we wanted to give young men something to see and know they can own their own businesses. 

We know that style and fit is important when on the go. Can you tell us a little about the fit and style of the CHAMP boxers?

The boxers are comfortable and are kind of a thicker cotton material. The bands are also thick so they are good quality. They fit tight and secure but it feels like you have nothing on. We have had great reviews from customers who really enjoy how Champ Boxers fit and feel, secure and like they have nothing on. Also, we wanted to make them affordable so anyone can wear them. The boxers come in a three pack with three colors, Black, Grey, and Burgundy. We have all sizes ranging from small to 3XL.

Thinking about your brand and what you want to provide to the community, Who would you say could benefit from this line?

Everyone really. Our focus is to provide premium boxers to the everyday person. Whether you're an athlete, work a 9-5, or whatever you do, they fit comfortably under any attire. We really focus on providing high-quality alongside great customer service. Those are important traits for the foundation of our company- providing a great experience and great product for our customers.