XL (40-42) Boxer Briefs

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PLEASE READ! (NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES for lack of any knowledge listed below)

Some editions come with NO OPENING/FLAP/ACCESS TO YOUR MANHOOD. So you will have to pull band down. 


3 pair per Edition


NO OPENING/FLAP includes the following editions:

1. RUDE BOY Editions (90%Poly 10%Elastane)

2. KINGLION Editions  (90%Poly 10%Elastane)

3. MANSA MUSA Editions  (90%Poly 10%Elastane)

4. KUBA CLOTH Editions  (90%Poly 10%Elastane)

5. RGB Editions  (90%Poly 10%Elastane)

6. NEW YEARS EVE Editions  (90%Poly 10%Elastane)

7. ATL Editions  (90%Poly 10%Elastane) 


TOP OPENING/FLAP includes the following editions:

1. ZULU Editions (90%Poly 10%Elastane)

2. MANSA  Editions  (90%Poly 10%Elastane)

3. MOTHERLANDEditions  (90%Poly 10%Elastane)

4. MUDCLOTHEditions  (90%Poly 10%Elastane)

5. TRIBAL Editions  (90%Poly 10%Elastane)

6. NEW AFRICA Editions  (90%Poly 10%Elastane)

7. HIEROGLYPH Editions  (90%Poly 10%Elastane)

8. NEW AFRICA Editions  (90%Poly 10%Elastane)

9. RED Editions  (90%Poly 10%Elastane)

10. BLUE Editions  (90%Poly 10%Elastane)


SIDE OPENING/FLAP Includes the following editions:

1. PARADISE Editions  (95%Cotton 5%Elastane)

2. SUNSET Editions (95%Cotton 5%Elastane)

3. ROYALE Editions (95%Cotton 5%Elastane)

4. LIMITED Editions (95%Cotton 5%Elastane)

5. VINTAGE Editions (95%Cotton 5%Elastane)

6. CLASSIC Editions (95%Cotton 5%Elastane)

7. CLASSIC Longer EDITION (95% Modal 5%Elastane)

8. LIMITED Longer EDITION (95% Modal 5%Elastane)

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